The Computer Chronicles

Operating Systems (1984)

Welcome to The Computer Chronicles. I'm Steward Cheifet a and this is Herb Lechner sitting in for Gary Kildall. This week really Gary's going to be with us but on the other side of the table today because our subject is operating systems and as you may know, Gary Kildall is the creator of CP/M, perhaps the major operating system in use today. Herb, operating systems is kind of a tough subject because those computer users, we all deal with operating systems but frankly, not very many of us really understand what it is. Give us a brief general introduction to an operating system.

Hard Disk Storage (1985)

In the old days of computers when you talked about mass storage devices, you really meant mass storage devices. This 40 inch hard disk drive held about 10 megabytes. On this week's Computer Chronicles we'll be looking at the newest in mass storage devices.

New generation laptops (1989)

This is the original portable computer. The good old Osborne one of 5-inch screen two floppy disk drives and yes, it is portable. It's got a handle and 25 pounds underneath it. Portable computers have come a long way since the old Osborne: smaller lighter readable LCD screens, battery power, 40 megabyte hard drives, even 386 chips. Today we take a look at the new generation of portable laptop computers on this edition of The Computer Chronicles.

File compression (1991)

These are three giant bags of trash. This is a trash compactor and this is what it all looks like after it's been squished by this thing. Now here we have three disks full of graphics files, a file compressor and here's what it all looks like after it's been squished by the software. Same idea, same problem: not enough landfill for all our trash, never enough hard disk space for all our files. So today we'll throw out the trash but we will take a look at the latest in file compression technology on this edition of The Computer Chronicles.


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