About Hardlimit
In Hardlimit we don't show ads, we don't track our users nor we share register information (including your email) with third parties. We do this just for fun. If you have any question, suggestion or you want to report a bug, please contact us by email:

About the Museum
Welcome to our Museum. Here you'll find a collection of retro-hardware, mainly based in x86 architecture. Also you'll find a collection of software made of reference disks and specific tools intended to maintain and configure certain PC models. Furthermore there are games, operating systems and other programs. In nearly every file there are photos and videos made by ourselves.

1. Software

In this section, you will find all king of programs and games. All of them have photos of actual computers running the program. In most of cases, will be possible to run an emulation from the web browser (you don't have to download nor install anything). In some cases, there are videos too. Both images and videos are own elaborated.

1.1. Abandonware

Not all old software is abandonware. If it is possible to buy the program/game from an official retailer, downloads and emulations will be disabled.

1.2. Emulators

The Museum uses two emulators:

v86: It's a opensource x86 JavaScript emulator created from scratch. We use it to run operating systems and software that requieres Windows 9x. The source code is available in the project's GitHub site.

JS-DOS: Is a DOSBox port to JavaScript. We use it to run DOS programs and games. The source code is available in the project's GitHub site.

2. Hardware

Hardware collection is made of computers and devices. There are actual images in all files. In some of them, you will find videos and downloads such as manuals, drivers, datasheets, etc. Both images and videos are own elaborated.

3. Library

The library has magazines in English and Spanish. Here we apply the same policy than abandonware: if you can buy it from a official retailer, then you cannot see it nor download it.


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